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Turnovers found all around the world!

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A turnover is a handheld pie. All around the world, almost every ethnic culture prepares some type of food where a piece of dough is wrapped around a filling made from single components or a unique ethnic mixture. A Piemaster™ Turnover Machine is the "Pie Maker" of choice for folded dough pies all around the world.

Whether you need a Calzone machine, an Empanada machine or a Pierogi Maker, the Piemaster line of turnover machines will get the job done!

A few examples of turnovers are listed in the following paragraphs. If you can add names or turnovers that we omitted, please write to us via E-mail or fax and we'll add your favorite to the list.

  • Fruit Pies
    Filled with fruits such as berry, cherry, apple, peach, lemon, or strawberry. They are made from pastry dough that is fried or baked, or they can be made of bread dough ingredients that have been sweetened (sweet dough’s) or they can be made from puff pastry (pastry made in layers). Fried pies are a delicious tradition of the Southern USA.

  • Beerocks
    A German recipe - in a pastry crust and filled with meat and cabbage. Usually baked.

  • Booregs
    Middle Eastern meat filled pastries.

  • Pasties
    These were a favorite food of the Cornish miners from England. There are many varieties, but the most original were filled with potatoes and vegetables and when the miners could afford it, they added a bit of chopped meat. This mixture was wrapped with thin durable pastry crust and taken into the mines where a hungry miner could rest - eat his soup and pasty and enjoy a warm drink. As the years have rolled by, other filling mixtures were put into a pasty shell such as chicken, turkey and vegetables. Now the name Pasty is adapted to almost any kind of filling that a cook will dream up.

  • Bridie
    A Scottish version of a pastie product. Among the more famous is the "Forfar Bridie" from the town of Forfar, Scotland. Contains topside steak chopped onion, seasonings and a bit of suet.

  • Calzones
    An Italian delicacy that means baggy pants. Calzones were made with floppy soft doughs and were strong enough to be carried, when cooked. Calzones are made with many different dough’s but one of the more popular is yeast dough or, more commonly, pizza dough. Calzones can be baked or fried and some are fried a little to set the yeast and outer texture and then they are baked to finish. Calzones, like Pasties and Empanadas, have become an easy to eat product that can hold all kinds of fillings. A few types of fillings are: all vegetarian, fruits, mixtures of vegetables and meats, and all pizza ingredients. A simple example is pizza dough filled with cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni and sausage. Almost any flavor filling will work well in a pizza dough crust.

  • Pizza Pocket or Pockets
    A variety of Calzone.

  • Empanadas
    A generic name that means sandwich. The term is used in almost all Spanish speaking countries. The result is that empanadas are found all over the world, in places like North & South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, and the Philippines, etc. Each type of empanada is filled with ingredients unique the area in which they are made. Often empanadas are filled with ground meat or sweet potatoes or fruit or raisins in a pastry. Many of these are made in corn dough crusts. Empanadas can be baked or fried.

  • Chilipanzingas
    Southern Texas turnovers filled with ground ham, cheese, and green chilies. Usually deep fat fried.

  • Dim Sum
    A small bite filled with seasoned mixtures of meat, fish, or vegetables. There are varieties which can be baked, or fried, or boiled.

  • Lahmajoon
    An Armenian meat pie delicacy. Baked or Fried.

  • Pastelillos
    A Puerto Rican & Spanish Caribbean meat pie. Made with Wheat or Yucca flour in a leavened dough filled with pork, ham, onions, olives, raisins, capers and/or egg.

  • Pastelillos Rellenos
    A Colombian meat filled pie. A pork filled version of an empanada.

  • Pastelitos Fritos
    Brazilian Fried Turnover. Pastry Crust filled with meat, chicken or cheese.

  • Pierogies (pierogi)
    Polish turnovers-usually served as a side dish. Can be filled with potatoes, or cheese or vegetables or fruits or combinations of these. Boiled and bagged or frozen. Before eating, pan fry in fresh creamery butter to bring out their special flavor.

  • Piroshkies
    Russian turnovers of meat and potatoes usually in a pastry dough. Baked or fried.

  • Panzarottis
    Like a calzone only deep fat fried.

  • Patties
    Jamaican and Caribbean turnovers filled with spicy meats. Baked or fried.

  • Risoles
    Brazilian Fried Turnover. Boiled dough filled with meat, cheese, shrimp or hearts of palm mixtures. Before frying the turnovers are egg washed and dipped in manoic meal.

  • Salteña
    Peruvian and Chilean meat pies that contain meats, potatoes, cheeses, onions, and slice hardboiled egg and sliced olives. Baked.

  • Samosas
    (East) Indian turnovers sometimes filled with chick peas, parsley, barley, mutton and onion and spices. Traditionally folded into a pyramid shape and fried.

  • Sambosak Hulow
    Middle Eastern turnover made in half moon shape with a cookie dough and filled with chopped dates seasoned with sugar, butter, sesame seeds, cinnamon and cloves.

  • Sanbousic
    Middle Eastern small turnover that is a favorite throughout the Arab world. Usually called Fried Cheese Pastries. Filling is diced cheeses: feta, mozzarella, jarlsburg or any firm or semi-soft cheese. Seasoned with fresh chopped dill and served warm or hot after frying.

  • Shumai
    Korean turnovers filled with vegetables and meat.

  • Spanokopitas
    Made in Greece of spinach, cottage cheese, feta cheese and olives. Baked.

  • Strombolis
    A relative of the calzone. Can hold most any meat fillings.

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